Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to rain...

So yesterday was another awesome day. I didn't get in as much sun as I wanted because it was so hot but that also means I didn't burn!

Dean mowed the whole lawn which probably took him about 2 hours, we had a good trip to the grocery store, only picking up what was on the list. And I got all the laundry done except for a small load of towels!

And my eats were right on. And Supper was an awesome salad with chicken skewers on them! Some times I wished I took pics of some of my food like some other Halibloggers because that salad looked awesome, maybe I will start.

The evening was spent sipping a few glasses of wine and watching a movie, that we again didn't finish, and then we slept in until 9:00!

Today is rainy and gross, we might go into a movie and if we do I am gonna see about going to the gym. Supper is already planned and will be fairly low cal, and I start my new position tomorrow... eeeekkkk!

Needless to say it will be early to bed for me!


  1. I love having days where you get a bunch of stuff done, always makes me feel so organized. ;)

    Definitely post a few pics of your eats, I love seeing what everyone makes so that I can get ideas.

    Good luck on your first day tomorrow!

  2. Something about yesterday was so productive. I got a whack of stuff done too.

    Start by just taking pictures of the stuff you think is thing you know you'll be making everything pretty so you can take pictures of it~!