Monday, August 3, 2009

A supper time expierment

Well I don't normally blog twice in one day but we had an expierment at supper and I took pics!So my eats today were wonderful, I will be at 1238 calories once i have my jello and cool whip. We didn't get to the gym or a movie, just relaxed at home, which was nice. So here is the goods, tell me what did I have for supper??

And a close up...

Ok so it looks like mashed potatoes right?? Well it's not, its mashed Cauliflower. Which even though it looked like mashed potatoes sad to say its not near as good. And next time I will just stick to boiled cauliflower. It was bland and watery. Now we may substitute some for some potatoes next time to make it less calories.

So it wasn't the best but I can see a change in mashed potatoes maybe. Have a good evening.

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