Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Night Delight

Good Evening blogger land. Hope everyone is prepared for a safe, fun Halloween Weekend. I know I am.

So today was a fairly good day!

Just to remind people here is what I had planned to eat; Cereal, Catered Lunch and Fish, Rice, Broccoli. And I am happy to stay I stuck with it fairly well. As stated breakfast was cereal, corn pops to be exact. Probably not the healthiest choice, but it was what we have right now.

Then I went to work for a bit before heading to a Job Fair to help get some more staff!! There we had a catered lunch, and I had a coffee and chocolate chip muffin around 10, and they didn’t have alot of stuff to offer, they did have some fruit but it looked over ripe and a little off. Then lunch came around and I had some mushrooms and a nice squash soup, it was really good! I also had one cookie, which was also fantastic.

After the job fair we went grocery shopping and we always buy a piece of fudge from Dave’s, so I had a nice piece of choclate peanut butter fudge!!! Its not pumpkin spice like everyone has been raving about but it will do!

Supper was awesome, and although we don’t consider Shark Steak fish, it is sea food so it counts. We had that with rice and broccoli and it was totally enjoyable. Now I am sitting relaxing with a drink and enjoying the evening, eagerly awaiting my “friday night delight” on WWE SmackDown; John Morrison;

MORRISONthose abs!

This weekend I have my Papa’s interment, and then we are hanging out watching scary movies!! Hope I don’t get too scared!!

I’ll leave you with one last pic of me and my Papa, hope everyone has a safe weekend!!!



  1. I love the pic! So sweet!

    Great job sticking with your food plan!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day, congrats!!

    See ya tonight for Halloween movies.

  3. Ooooh shark steak! Something I'd love to try!

    Sounds like a wonderful day ;-)