Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Monday

Good evening everyone, I am glad to say that after a 4 day weekend I am actually glad to be going to work tomorrow! It will get me out of this house!

However today was a very productive day. We had Thanksgiving dinner yesterday so we didn’t have so much mess today. So we made stock – turkey stock, and lots of it!




So now we have enough stock for a bit to make lots of yummy stuff that Dean is learning in school!

I was quite proud of my breakfast this morning, even though Dean needed to help save it from being scrambled.

100_1719A yummy omelette with mushrooms, spinach, ham and cheese!   

Supper was also interesting, home made chow mien, steak and mashed potatoes, presented nicely on a plate.



After supper it was still nice out so we headed to the trail for a nice walk and talk. I also got some pictures of the nice fall sunset.

100_1733       100_1734





Now on to my goals for the week.

  • I got 3 servings of vegetables and fruit in today. I was going to have some pineapple with chocolate syrup but Dean took out a cheese cake from the freezer, and lets face it, It looks better (it has strawberries on it if that counts??)
  • I didn’t have toast today for breakfast I instead chose to have my omelette. I didn’t have any white bread today except for a home made roll that was left over from yesterdays dinner.
  • I went for a half hour walk today with Dean, it was very relaxing. I also did “wood” which basically means stacking it from one place to another.
  • And finally I am blogging, and I don’t think any thing was negative! Go me!

    Night everyone, I am ready for a 4-day work week!!

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  1. Was an awesome night for the trail! :)

    Sounds like you did great today, whoo hoo!