Thursday, October 29, 2009

I’m going to do it!!!

What is it? Well it starts with a commitment to myself. And ends with following through. I have made a weeks worth of menu. Now they are rough and I might admit boring, but I am hoping that this is what I need to get a head. Will I track it… I haven't decided yet. But here is what it looks like;

Friday – Cereal, Catered Lunch and Fish, Rice, Broccoli

Saturday – Egg and Toast/English muffin, ???, Halloween Candy

Sunday – Halloween Candy, ???, Turkey Pot Pie

Monday – Cereal, Salad (with pom), and Chicken, Mashed potato, String Beans

Tuesday – Toast and grapes, Salad (with tuna), Squash and Maple Apple Curry soup

Wednesday – Cereal, Salad (with cheese) and Pork, Baked Potato, Carrots

Thursday – Oatmeal??, Salad (with pork??), and Chicken, Couscous, Squash

It is very basic but I am excited to have it all laid  out in front of me. I am especially excited for the Squash soup Dean will make and the salad with Pom. This is a huge step and I hope I can finally follow through.



Me in the 180’s, last time sucker's


  1. I left a commment but it disapeared. My whole point was, we can do it. No more encouraging bad behaviour! LOL :)

  2. Great looking menu! You can do it! Keep us up to date on how each day's eats go.