Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sill sick = time to think

Wow I am still sick, better, but still not well, So I stayed home today. But I will be back at work tomorrow, I can’t miss anymore time!!! The end of the month will kill me!!!

So with being home sick, but not sleepy at all today, I have had some time to think. I realized that this blog has turned away from a healthy lifestyle and to a whatever blog. Well actually I have turned into a whatever sort of person again, and I don’t like that. I was catching up on blogs today and I think Skinny Me Said it best. That in order to really life an active healthy lifestyle we need to be in routine and sacrifice alot to stay in that routine.

My problem is that I am not a fan of routine. I mean we have one, we go to work we come home we have supper lalala, but if something comes up or plans change, I go with it. If I was putting exercise in and something better came up I would opt out with no problems. I think I need to start looking at rewards for myself to be active, and healthy.

I also like that some of the other ladies are not weighing themselves for a while and just focusing on the habits not the results. While I am not sure if I am ready for that yet I need to find some motivation for me to do well.

So what does everyone thing, should I start tracking my food again?? How do other people plan their days out??

I live a fair distance from any sort of gym so for me I either need to do it right after work, which has never really lasted, or find other activates to do at home, and I hate walking as I live on a major road with not much nice things to look at. I have a planner, or 2 or 3, and I use my work calendar too, but I can’t seem to scheduled anything around my life outside of work!!! It is driving me nuts!!!

So if any one has any tips that would be awesome!


  1. If tracking worked for you, give it a try again. I like making goals.

  2. Try meal planning in advance. Sit down with Dean and think about what you guys want for dinner each night for the week and write it down. It helps keeps you on track and actually helps keep grocery shopping to a minimum too.

    If that works then start planning in other stuff too...lunches and workouts...

    You'll figure it out. Sometimes it just takes a few tries to know what works for you.

  3. You might look at exercise DVDs. They have come down a lot in price and there is lots of variety.