Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ugh work…

Ugh work today… woke up before dawn, it was cold I was still sleepy, although glad to be woke up from my nightmare.

Work was long, wasn’t as busy as excepted but our residents are still confined to the floor. I had a little freak out at a staff but am ok now.

The evening will be resting and preparing to do it all again tomorrow.

For my goals;

  • I didn’t eat that well today. I had cereal and milk for breakfast (no fruit there). I was going to have the pineapple but turns out it was bad. My morning snack was a few cookies and a muffin, followed by lunch that was pizza and cheese and crackers. Supper was hot turkey sandwiches, with peas. So there is one veggie… well guess I won’t be getting my make-up. Oh well keep going.
  • I definitely ate white carbs today, with pizza and hot turkey sandwiches, the cracker where whole wheat though and they were multi-grain cheerio's!
  • No exercise today, it’s rainy and cold and suppose to snow tonight!
  • I also didn’t take the stairs at work today, I don’t really know if i just didn’t remember or if I was lazy. Maybe I can save myself and try for 2 times tomorrow!
  • And here is my blog, and I am going to say something negative because it will get off my chest. With all that is going on in my life, I am hating that fact that my mother cannot be a positive, or even neutral influence, but insists on making comments about things!!!!!!

Thats it for tonight, I am going to cross-stitch and realx!

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