Friday, February 5, 2010

The Host – Book Review # 3

Wow it didn’t take me long to read this one! The Host by Stephenie Meyer.


This book was amazing. I love it.

It takes place in the not to distant future, not real date really so it means that it could be read in any age. The idea is that the world has been taking over by aliens. Ones that act as parasites and are inserted into the brain and take over the human. They call themselves souls and are very peaceful and not violent. The reason that they chose earth to take over because we kill each other.

The main character is Wanderer or Melanie, which ever you prefer really. They are trapped in the same body. Wanderer is the alien and Melanie is the human she was implanted in. They have some difficulties living together and because it in not normal they decide to go find Melanie's Family. Once they find them they have to win them over and gain their trust. This story is a huge love story and the Author does a very good job at making you feel for the Character.

The other characters are Jared Melanie's love interest Ian, Wanda’s love interest and Jamie. Among others. The main setting is  a series of caves and you really can imagine everything with the descriptions.

I really felt this book was well written and if you liked the Twilight books you will love this one. It is full of action and love. I even got teary at the end of the book!


Well that was everything. I finished my book today, did my pedicure and manicure and am relaxing watching ER!

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  1. I liked The Host way better than the Twilight series.