Sunday, February 7, 2010

Seafood Pizza

Good afternoon bloggies, it’s cloudy and cold here today, doesn't seem the cold wants to go away!

So last night I had a very good pizza. Dean made the crust and we loaded it up with seafood and yum! it sure did turn out good.


This was before the cheese and mushrooms. We used Alfardo sauce for the base, then cut up some scallops and used about a cup of shrimp.


Next was mushrooms and some spinach for color, you didn’t really taste it when it was all done.


Next we put on this cheese, garlic and herb goats milk feta. It was very tasty and way better than if we had of put on just regular cheddar or mozzarella.



Next up the final products, Dean made some wicked garlic fingers too!

100_1911 100_1914


Yummy it was so good we will definitely be doing that again.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching TV for the most part. It was some good quality time, and because I had had time to myself Friday I was very relaxed and ok with doing nothing because I felt I had everything done I needed to to.

Now today involved laundry and getting ready for the week. My meal plan is all made up and ready to go and I will be weighing in tomorrow!


  1. Crazy pizza! Did you cook the seafood before you put it on the pizza?

  2. Oh cool, I've never had seafood pizza (or thought about putting it on one before.) Looks awesome!

    We should hang out soon. :)