Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Evening everyone, hope everyone had a decent hump day!

My day was pretty good, a little rough getting up this morning but I am off after tomorrow so I am glad about that.

My eats today were right on, no complaints there, and we made it to the gym again today… even after I had a slight bitch attack and yelled at my hubby about the back door at the gym not working… I think I might be a tad hormonal…

Today Respect is on my mind. Today my manager  came up to talk about respect and how it is important to respect everyone, even if they don’t work the same way you do. Because in then end there is a main goal and as long as it is achieved that is what matters.

Wow that sounds like a ramble. Anyway, I ran for about 14 minuets on the treadmill today, at 4.0

What speed does everyone else run at??

Hubby runs at like 7.5, I think I would die!

Anyway hump day is over and I can relax, hope everyone has a good rest of their week!

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  1. 14 mins of running, you rock Holly!!! That is awesome. I usually run on the dreadmill between 5.0 - 5.5.