Monday, February 15, 2010

Wonderful Weekend, and a Great <3 Supper!

Alright so as promised here is my post bragging about what an amazing job my Husband did on Valentines Day!

So I had Friday off, and Dean had school, and on his way home he picked me up this;


I was surprised since we had said we weren't going to get each other anything, but he insisted he had to!

The weekend was spend relaxing and watching the Olympics, playing on the Wii Fit (Dean is still paying!) and just plain spending quality time together. Then yesterday I was treated to a three course meal!

Before I saw the table Dean took some shots and here is what it looked like!


Yep we had dinner by candle light!

And here is the Appetizer!


Panko breaded shrimp with seafood sauce.

The Main Dish;


Mushroom, garlic and leeks wrapped in steak, with bacon wrapped French beans, potato maple glazed carrots and a turnip bowl with a red wine reduction.

And unfortunately dessert was not captured but it was a lovely white chocolate mousse with a jumble berry sauce, and it was yummy!

What a lovely evening I had and am so proud of my husband for being able to do this!!

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