Monday, February 1, 2010

The highs and the lows

Wow it’s Monday again. Can’t believe how fast the weekend goes. I had an amazing weekend relaxing, unfortunately I didn’t eat good choices at all. However that only lead to a Stay the Same on the scale today, which makes me pretty happy.

I also go to the gym today – totally didn’t want to, really wanted to just go home. I have this thing where almost every Monday I am sore, and have a headache all day… no clue what that is about but it is weird.

So I got to the gym and I didn’t eat good today but I was happy to get to the gym. Then there was work itself. My job has alot of highs and lows. Lately it has been a low time, ever since Christmas really. And now we have a Resident who is dying, another low really. I have come to accept death in the elderly, it does make it easier to lose my own loved ones. However I am always thinking about my health and the people around me. It is important for me to get all my food issues out of the way before I have kids. I need to teach the the right way to do things!

That being said I would like to let everyone know about Skinny Me’s give away. She is giving away a book called The End of Over Eating, so head over to her blog and see what she  has to offer!

Well that is about it for me tonight, time to relax some more and chill out.

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  1. just found your blog
    congrats on losing over 6 pounds already

    keep it up