Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 for 3

Well Monday was my only good day food wise, today I did well until I was on my way home, I stopped at MacDonald's and got fries and pop. What is wrong with me? I am so mad at myself. I really think I am depressed and really struggling with emotions and feelings. I am very stressed!

No exercise today and I didn’t get any pictures of my food. I praise the food bloggers out there because they can remember to take pictures!

Short post today but that’s because I am so tired of analyzing my emotions!


  1. stay strong Holly...I know you can do this...we all have those 'moments' when we figure it's easier to chuck it all and drown yourself in a big bag of chips chocolate and pop...

    You're stronger than that...and you may not believe it right now...but that's why you have friends and family...they believe enough to keep you strong until you believe again!!!!

  2. Chin-up. You can do this cause you have done this. What you're experiencing is a bump in the road, we all have had them. The important thing is you are acknowledging that you're current pattern isn't your usual pattern, that's important cause you know that it's not normal.

    You'll get through this and will be shining, I know it! Take your time sorting through your emotions and don't be hard on yourself.

    Take care!