Sunday, May 30, 2010

The real world is time consuming

Wow time flies when you are busy. And that is what I have been. Went back to work and haven't stopped. Thursday I had a workshop until 5 and that meant I didn’t get home to close to 630. I will be doing that for a bit every couple of Thursdays and it’s going to be brutal. Friday I did an extra 8 hours strictly for the money! It doesn't grow on trees and if we are considering moving I want money for some new stuff!

Needless to say Friday was right to bed when I got home. Yesterday was sunny and warm! Me and mom went for some groceries and then sat on the deck. I made some Chicken for supper (BBQ’d) and then we went and hung out with Lynn and her hubby.

Today is rainy and cold. So I am curled up on the couch after getting things tidied up and a roast in the slow cooker.

I also stepped on the scale today 175.8… We bought a new one because WW is coming to an end soon and I didn’t trust my other one. So now every Sunday is weigh day. I am in no rush to loose these 20 lbs (my goal is about 145) but I would like to see a negative number from that scale more than once a month!

Other than that gearing up for another week. I am hoping to work extra tomorrow for Tuesday off and then I am off Friday because of the Relay for Life! Hoping to stay on track and get some stuff going on that is picture worthy soon!

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  1. Hope you're having a great week chickie! :)