Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Wow how time flies… Well Monday I did a double (16 hours) at work for yesterday off, oh the benefits of my job sometimes!

Dean was off yesterday as well so it was perfect. When he got out of the shower he suggested we go for a hike. And he meant a big one. He wanted to do The Admiral Lake Loop. This is part of the Musquodoboit Rail Trail system and 5.5 Km and a difficult rating.  Well I didn’t know that before we left.

So it was really sunny, like amazing and at 9 in the morning it was already warm. I made green smoothies for us for  breakfast with a fried egg and we packed up a lunch for the hike. We got to the trail and started off.

SAM_0319Me at the head of the trail.










 SAM_0321  The Trail itself


One of our look out destinations.







We walked and talked and then found the back country trail head;

 SAM_0323The red is what we did!

We started out and it was alot of up hill. Like I mean I think almost the whole thing was uphill. I wore my Polar and my heart rate was up in the 150’s for most of the trip! First was Skull Rock.

SAM_0331 SAM_0333







Then the Harbour look off and The Cave!

SAM_0337 SAM_0341

Lunch was shortly after and we had PB&J sandwiches apples and some baked chips! I was pretty tired after that and we were about 3 hours in. We have more pictures and there were alot of rewarding sights to see. However overall it was a challenging hike, and I wouldn’t suggest it to the ill of heart. My feet and legs were completely sore. We got home and napped and then Dean made some amazing chicken and a vegetable salad;


Spaghetti Squash

Green Beans



Very Tasty.


The rest of the day was relax and rest up.

Today was back to work and nothing out of the ordinary. I am trying so hard to eat healthy and clean. I can only hope it pays off on the scale Monday!

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