Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let the ball drop

Well I totally let the ball drop today.

Last night was fine, we finished watching season 3 of biggest loser and had cheese and melba toast for a snack it put me over 2 but I had all my flex points so I used them. We went to bed at a reasonable hour and I woke up at 630 with the sun shining!

Breakfast was yogurt granola and fruit, and I did get a picture but it isn’t very good and the mood I am in is not a great one so I won’t even bother (I know bad me). I ate at home and took my time getting ready to go. I drove to the conference and it all went down hill from there. To make it short and week here is what is on my tracker;

  • yogurt 1
  • granola 2
  • fruit 0.5

Here is where it gets bad remember yesterday I said I was proud of resisting those lovely muffins well here is the rest of the day at conference.

  • Muffin 14
  • Muffin 14
  • Lasagne 10
  • Salad 1
  • Garlic bread 4
  • square 1

That is over my points and then some (23 to be exact). I totally let myself down. And I can’t even say what possessed me to eat that much. I knew the muffins were bad and yet I found them going into my mouth. Hormones? Maybe, but probably not. I am just thankful I am not on conference tomorrow too.

I was really mad at myself and when we got out it was so beautiful and sunny so when I got home I changed and went straight to the trail for a run. Actually I ran 5K, or most of it. And burned 635 calories, so 6pts worth. I didn’t redeem all the damage but I did something at least. And it felt good. I have blisters and have a feeling I may not be able to move tomorrow but I did it!

Supper was pasta and salad, and I didn’t get a picture. Tomorrow I am taking a picture of everything I eat, that is my goal!

Learn from the past!

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