Monday, May 17, 2010

Wow that sucked.

So last we left I was settling in to relax with my book and chill out for the evening. Well I did that, I finished my book. It had a bad ending but overall I found the book really hit home. I work with Alzheimer's patients all the time and it really helped me know what they went though.

So I finished my book, and then ate some frozen yogurt… which I didn’t need… but anyway I also didn’t get a picture of it… Then I had a mental breakdown… yep totally. Now we could say I am hormonal we could say I was just tired but in reality it was waiting to hit for a long time. Living with my mom in the basement I grew up in. I went though so much here that was negative and horrible and now that Dean is working I am home here alone alot, and thinking about alot of it. I feel like I am 17 again and I hate it. And that is what I was upset about. That and my insecurities in my relationships. I felt very alone and I cried really hard.

That being said we are now trying to come up with a plan for what to do, move or not, buy or rent so any advice would be great!

Moving on to today I woke up with a sore back, my whole upper back and neck is killing me. I’m not totally sure why (exercises maybe?) but it made me think about massage therapy and that I really want to start going.

SAM_0365I was on course today so I had more time to get ready. Breakfast was my Peanut Butter and Banana wrap. This is my favourite work breakfast because its fast, easy and has 3 food groups and 5 pts!

So I drove to the conference (at the airport) and went in. There was those amazing muffins that are huge and so good… I didn’t eat any, not a bite. I feel this is a huge accomplishment for me! On our break I ate some yogurt and fruit, total 2pts. At lunch I had a beef wrap made for lunch and they were serving soup, sandwiches and yummy squares. I had my wrap and some soup (beef barley) and 2 squares. I totally didn’t need the squares but they were sooo good. Total was 11 pts, 2 of which were squares. We got out early which I was thankful for becuse my back was really hurting. Came home and had a nap.

Dean got home and even though I was suppose to cook he did because he knew my back hurt. Supper tonight was yummy Sticky Lemon Chicken. I forgot to take a picture (blame the pain), so here is what it looks like from Gordon Ramsay’s book Fast Food;


We used boneless skinless chicken breasts and It was sooo good. We had it with boiled potatoes and green beans. Total 6 pts with some margarine. And I was full!

So now I am relaxing. I had a shower and have applied some Bengay to my back and am just chilling watching season 3 of biggest loser.

Oh yea check out Jamie over at Embracing Balance who is giving away some amazing vita tops!

Live like there is no looking back.

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