Saturday, July 17, 2010

Look At What I did!

So yea all that crap about being positive, I am taking a day off. Today the scale showed me a number I NEVER wanted to see again. But if I am going to be honest with myself I will add that part of me wanted to see if just eating would make me gain weight, or if I would maintain. Well I figured it out. I gain weight, which means for the REST of my life I will have to monitor what I eat. So to be honest I haven't decided what to do about it all yet other than CHANGE! I completely had a breakdown last night while I was trying to find something to wear to Dean’s birthday dinner. I have said to myself all week “I feel bloated” well no it’s just plain fat!

What do I want?

  • To lose 20 lbs ASAP (yes I know it doesn't all come off fast)
  • To be able to enjoy and crave exercise or activity.

That is all, it seems so fricking simple and yet I cannot make it happen. I know what and how and why and all that stuff but can’t seem to just do it. Gah I should scream.

Ok I am going to stop ranting now and try to figure stuff out!


  1. You are right it's so simple so why do we find it such a struggle? I have to write everything down otherwise it shows up negatively on the scales. We just have to accept it as "a weigh of life" to quote a blog I saw this week[sigh]
    Less of Me

  2. and I think its ok to take a day and NOT be positive.
    and its a new day.

    xo xo


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