Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Day For The Beach

Well good evening, in an effort to be healthy I am trying to stay up a bit later and enjoy my time at home instead of pretty much coming home getting ready for the next day and going to bed.

Today was over all a good day. I did however have to fill out WCB papers. Yes I may have hurt my back. It feels ok right now but it didn’t earlier and just in case I wake up and can’t move tomorrow I filled them out. Hopefully nothing comes of it. I also had my education course today which focused on the last part of “Interpersonal Communication.” It was very educational and apparently I am not horrible at speaking in front of groups.

It’s the first day it’s been sunny and not foggy down here on the Eastern Shore and I really wanted to go to the beach, but getting home late and eating supper even later I didn’t think it would happen. But…


  Yep I made it there! It was sunny and beautiful and I enjoyed every minuet of it. We even had Ice-cream on the way down. I had moon mist and it’s been a long time! We went to Martinique Beach. There were surfers there and lots of people walking the beach. Here’s a fact; its the longest beach in NS and is 5Km long. We didn’t walk that far that is for sure, but it was a nice stroll with good conversation and the water my feet went in wasn’t too cold (once they got numb).

It is definitely time for me to hit the sack though, I will probably read a little and tomorrow is Friday! Which will kick off my Hubby’s Birthday Weekend!

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