Sunday, July 11, 2010

I’m back, and better than ever!

Ok so I have a new layout and a new theme. Positivity! From now on no more negative thoughts allowed on this blog. I will dedicate my time on the blog to finding the positive things in life, even if it’s as simple as I am still alive! But hopefully there will be more than that!

Just a quick update since I’ve been away almost a month. Nothing has really changed, except my attitude. I was very hung up on living in my mothers basement, the fact that we really can’t afford to get out, and just the general differences in lifestyle that me and my mother lead. Well I had a minor breakdown one night (ok maybe major) and the next morning I just decided it wasn’t worth stressing over or hiding over. So I am trying to be active in the day to day goings on and trying to be productive.

So there you go, next up is what I want to focus on to make me happier.

  • Activity – I need to be more active, it’s just not enough to sit here every evening and lounge around.
  • Food – I haven’t yet decided how “dedicated” I want to be to the “healthy eating” thing. I already eat well, I just indulge more than I maybe should. But the truth is I love my food! I am still working through this one.
  • Me – I am important, I lead a floor of 19 staff and 33 residents, I need to look good and feel good. I have my first massage booked for next week and I have decided that I will try to keep up my appearance.
  • Money – The light is at the end of the tunnel and we can see a glimmer. We got some news that we may be able to get a mortgage earlier than we had hoped, so for now it’s stick to the budget and save, save, save!
  • Relationships – I have some good and some bad. I feel my husband and I have a really good relationship. It is key for me to keep it up and work on it even if it doesn't need it. However I also have some strained relationships and I need to learn to either speak up and let it out or accept people for who they are. This is definitely a work in progress.

So there you go, a bit of everything. My main thing is to stick with the positive so if you ever see negative talk that I don’t acknowledge let me know!


  1. We're in the same boat. I'm just trying very hard to stay positive, focused & consistent and not worry and stress over stuff. Life is really too short.

    Enjoy your massage, they are AWESOME!!!

  2. Love the new layout! There's a lot of struggling going on, and focusing on the positive is a great way to deal with it!