Sunday, July 25, 2010


Wow it’s hard to believe a whole week went by. Even though it seemed slow while I was working. So this is my 201st post. Hard to believe. I tried to get the motivation to blog yesterday but when I looked at it I found it kind of hard to think that in the year and a half I have blogged I don’t have a whole lot to show when it comes to my success.





I guess I notice the pudgy in the tummy gone a bit, but the weight is still about the same. I also wish I could say I felt good, but to be honest alot of time I don’t. I have had 4 pretty good days. Today I had a few moments of crappy thinking but over all I am trying very hard to stay positive and focus on the good things.

I think I have figured out my food plan:

  • Track using Spark People.
  • Stay within 1200 and 1550 calories as recommended by them.
  • I will track starting on Sundays
  • I will weigh in on Saturdays
  • If I LOSE weight I will not track on Saturday

So why will I not track on Saturday you ask? Well I have found from previous experience that I don’t do well tracking ALL the time. I find that I get sick of it. I will of course eat well and try the best, but I will allow some treats on Saturdays. So this week I will be focusing on that and then next week I will look at an exercise plan.


  1. I think that if not counting one day a week will help you to stay on track the rest of the week then go for it!! :)

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  3. I can totally see a big difference! Way to go! And I agree with Lynn, if the not tracking 1 day a week works for you, then that's what what works- run with it :-)

    In my WW meeting today, a girl was saying that she does that on weight-in day- doesn't track. She gives herself that day as a treat day, something to look forward to. Makes sense really!

    Take care,

  4. I still can't believe that you lose weight like that. You can see the big difference in those pictures. That is why I want to congratulate you for having a great success.