Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taking care of Massage

Well no post yesterday. Why? Cuz there was an elephant in my head. I stayed home from work because I had a huge migraine and really just couldn’t handle work with that. So my day was spent pretty quietly. And because I didn’t do much when it came bed time I didn’t sleep well. Oh well that is that.

Today at work I had a pretty good day, I got some positive feed back and felt good about the day. Then I did something I have never done before… I got a Massage! The massage itself was pretty good, I couldn’t say I was relaxed but it felt good. She did warn me I will be sore tomorrow because apparently I was very tense (well if I am really stressed that makes sense). The experience over all was a good one and I will be going back very soon. I also found out that I apparently have a subluxated rib. Which pretty much means it’s out of place. Now I don’t have pain with this which is good, and I also hear it’s pretty common in women. So it also means I may have a chiropractor in my future.

How do you feel about a chiropractor?

I have heard many things, good and bad and am a little afraid to go see one.

So that was my day, I have a long day tomorrow and am looking forward to the weekend, it’s Hubby’s birthday and we are celebrating!


  1. I love my Chiropractor. He did wonders for me. I was always skeptical of going to one but now I would highly recommend it.

  2. I was terrified to go to the chiropractor the first time, but he made a huge difference in my life. Thanks for the reminder that I need to make another appointment for next week, since my massage is on Saturday.