Monday, July 12, 2010

Its a manic Monday…

Ok so my excitement over the weekend included a self pedicure


Eew my feet are gross with out nail polish!

Followed by some baking. I attempted a Hungry Girl Recipe yesterday.

SAM_0570      SAM_0574

It was super simple. 3 ingredients (pumpkin, brownie mix, and peanut butter). It didn’t turn out wonderful but it’s alright, I definitely expected better. So I will stick to my yum yum brownie muffins.

So that was yesterday. Today a different story. It was work, which was super busy and crazy and made me really want to look at why I do this job. But we are staying to the positive so here it is.

  • The Makay bridge was closed but I wasn’t late even though I had to detour.
  • I was busy and didn’t spend the day eating away like I sometimes do.
  • I got home to a wonderful husband who made me amazing food, as always.
  • I am now home in my comfy’s and have no real plans.

The only thing I am lacking is exercise, but it’s foggy here already and after the mind boggling day I had today I think it’s ok.

Well on to a new day tomorrow!


  1. Tee hee...

    I bought Harry Potter on Xbox for hubby for his birthday on Wednesday!!!

    Seems that's a popular game *G*

  2. Too bad about the fudge... those muffins we had at the park were really good though! ;)

    Glad you're focusing on the positives!