Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lost and Found

Wow, I always have so many ideas I want to blog about, and then never get around to it. So I will warn you this may be a bit of a marathon post.

Well another week has gone by, and I am here at home sick :(.

First I am going to show you the pictures of the tree up and my village, we are finally in the Christmas spirit and it feels good!


My village set up on the Bar.


The Tree!

We got the tree at Costco and it’s perfect, might put it in the corner next year, we will see.

SAM_0854And since we are talking about the holidays I had my first holiday festivity this weekend. I participated in a cookie exchange! It was my first time undertaking a project like that and I must say I feel it was a success…  Thanks to all the ladies who participated and to Tammie who hosted the event. That is a little sample of what was made, the rest is safely in the freezer for if/when we have guests.

So I mentioned I was home sick, well I totally lost my voice Saturday and it is just today slowly making its return. I went to an On-Call Doc yesterday and it’s just laryngitis, but because of my job, I am not able to work and not talk, I assume by tomorrow I will be able to work and have a relatively normal voice.

Talk about losses; I lost another 2 lbs! I really wasn’t excepting a loss based on all the junk I had eaten over the weekend but I was pleasantly surprised. Also as all WW’s know the new plan rolled out yesterday. I am feeling good about it, but kind of nervous at the same time. I won’t really be able to start activity again until the weekend but hopefully by then I will be feeling good and ready to tackle it all.

So there ya go, not to long I guess, this weekend we are going to see The Nutcracker, and I hope to get my shortbread baked and my Christmas shopping finished up. Have a good week!

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  1. Great job on both....finding you Xmas spirit and losing 2 lbs! Sounds like you found your groove!
    You tree is beautiful! I am kicking myself in the butt because the past 2 years I have meant to get a tree at Costco...they are so nice!!! UGGG! Of course they sell out super fast!