Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shopping Week

Wow we have done a bit of shopping this week! Our bank account is happy for all the action!

Tuesday after I had a bit of a voice back (yea it is mostly back!) we headed out shopping for clothes for the season. We hit up Moores for Dean. It was buy one get one free on designer suits so we ended up with two. It was a really good deal and we also got him two dress shirts and cufflinks! I am very proud of him because when I met him his suit size was a 40 and now it was a 38! His neck size has also changed alot too! Then we headed to MicMac and went dress shopping for me. I ended up finding one at Rickis. However we will have to wait for pictures of it. I also got a pair of shoes!

Then today I went Christmas shopping for Dean, I ended up getting most of my list for him with some money to spare. It wasn’t too bad out there this afternoon either.

Saturday is The Nutcracker and I am super excited for it, can’t wait!

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  1. Isn't Ricki's great for dresses? I like almost all of them they have for this season! Can't wait to see pics!