Saturday, December 11, 2010

The New Weightwatchers Plan

Well alot of people have been commenting on the new PointsPlus plan, so I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings after being on it about a week.

First I gained one point, I went from 28 to 29 points a day, so that was not a huge change. For me it has always been a struggle to stay within my points on days I work. I am much hungrier and also pack more and have access to all the bad stuff. At home I usually do ok, and occasionally dip into the WAP’s for a glass of wine or plate of nachos. I have heard some people gained like 5 and 6 points from the new system, which must be great, I know it would be for me! Basically this hasn’t changed my eating in a way that I am now not going over or not being very careful with supper and after supper.

Second fruits are 0 points. Well ok, I was really excited about this at first. I don’t eat alot of fruit but I do eat enough that I thought it would make a difference. My husband couldn’t understand how they could make fruit 0 points due to the sugar in them, but while reading through the material we saw their “disclaimer” of sorts, saying that eating too many fruits and vegetable may slow down  your weight loss efforts.

Thirdly everything else went up! While all fruits went down it seems everything else went up in points. I played around with the point tracker last night and found that the only thing that is still “good” is the fibre. So while calories don’t count against you as such anymore, everything else does. I find it very frustrating. My main example is Subway, while my sub I normally got was 7 points it is now 10! That’s a big jump. I have noticed for the most part things are jumping 2 points up in the difference. So overall I am at more of a deficit this way.

Forth, I am an online WW. I got to a point that I could guess pretty accurately what the points of products would be while I was out shopping, now not a clue, and from what I understand people that go to meetings are being told they have to buy a calculator. I do not agree with that at all and it makes it alot harder to go shopping and find good foods to buy. Also being an online member I had access to lots of restaurants and products in the tracker. Now most of these are gone, including Starbucks and Subway. This also makes it very hard to go out anywhere to eat!

Finally I am not in love with this new plan, it seems to me that they made it more difficult for people to eat anything but fruit and veggies, which makes it harder to pack lunches and in the end more costly, especially in the winter. Only time will tell if I am successful on this plan but it is hard for me to think positive about food right now when I feel everything is worse for me!

Of course these are my opinions and it is my choice to stay with the program or not, I am aware that some people probably love the new plan.

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