Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Night In

Happy New Years Eve, unfortunatly Dean is working tonight and tomorrow morning, so instead of ending the year with a bang, we will be starting the year with a bang. We plan to celebrate tomorrow, having a few drinks and watching movies!

The good thing about today is that it’s the first day since Monday that I am staying in. I am very excited. Here’s what my night will include;

SAM_0932My plans involve watching something chick flick like, reading and cross-stitching. I am reading the third book of The Dark Tower, by Stephen King. I am really enjoying them so far, it is a mix between fantasy and sci-fi. My cross-stitching is a very massive project, the biggest I have ever done. It is slow going but I am happy to see progress!

I might even have a drink or two while waiting for my hubby, but I doubt we will see the ball drop or any thing like that. I also have a feeling some cleaning might get done before settling in.

Happy New Year Every One!

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