Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wow, is it real?

Well for once I am blogging when I wanted too. Life seems to get in the way, even though there isn’t much going on.

So the Christmas decorating is done for another year. Our tree is very pretty and I feel rather festive. There will be pictures to come, just haven't got there yet.

I weighed in yesterday to see another loss on the scale! Now I can go get my eyebrows waxed as a goal reward. I have been looking forward to the 6th for a while now since it will see the new changes of the program. I feel mostly in control.

Yesterday food wise wasn’t great because Dean is sick and we both fell asleep leaving us to order something. I may have overdone it, but tracked and moved on. I would love to be out of the 180’s for my Birthday, but we will see.

I really need to start looking for something to wear, and Dean needs new dress clothes too. Christmas and this month are always super busy! We have 4 birthdays, plus the  holidays, it is expensive and nutty!

A big shout out to Lynn and her Hubby who are celebrating their wedding anniversary today!

Well that is about it, I guess I kind of rambled alot, but my mind is very unorganized lately. If i don’t write things down I tend to forget them and I can’t even speak right lately…

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