Sunday, November 1, 2009


Good evening bloggers, hope everyone had a safe fun Halloween. I did. We went over to watch scary movies and we did just that, well Blair witch project wasn’t that scary, but Strangers was, even for the second time.

My meal plan has been followed. Yesterday for breakfast I had a English muffin with egg and some spinach and cheese, was pretty tasty. Then for lunch I has some cookies and a spoon of peanut butter, ok not the best but tasted good! Supper was spaghetti and was very tasty even though there were onions and red peppers, which I am not fond of.

Today was a day spent relaxing mostly, and thinking. Breakfast was eggs and toast, lunch was Kraft dinner, and I kept thinking how I used to eat a whole box! Can’t even eat a whole little pre-portioned one now! Dean made a tasty Turkey pot pie, which i was going to get a picture of but totally forgot! And now I am all showered and my lunch is made for tomorrow!

Now for the nitty gritty part for me. We have been faced with some choices lately and I am so not sure what to do. First we have been given an option of moving to a “better” location, and I say better for several reasons, but for me moving is a whole up-roar of stress and anxiety because I hate changing routine and hate the unknown. Which is what it all ends up being in the end.

The other choice is that I have been invited to go to Weight Watchers meetings with friends. I did weight watchers online for a bit with success, but now I am back up to the same weight I was at. The problem for me isn’t that I don’t want to go, because I would totally give it a try, but the issue is it’s soooo damn expensive. I had hinted to my mother about wanting to go and maybe it would be a good early birthday gift, but she don't want to hear it, she doesn't seen me succeeding or anything like that.

So if I am not going to go to WW then my other thought is should I track my calories on Sparkpeople. But then my fear is that I hated tracking my calories. I always got anxiety and stress when I was tracking my supper as I was always stressed out that I wasn’t able to have a evening snack.

Gah I don’t know, if anyone has any ideas it would be a great help, for now I am just going to follow my meal plan and see what happens for now.

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  1. In regards to tracking your food, I know that it's hard to stay focused/within the calories especially if you aren't in the most positive environment. But at the end of the day think about what you're working towards and know without a doubt that you're worth it.

    Moving is a difficult decision and all it should boil down to is what is going to be best for you and Dean.