Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back at blogging

Honestly I missed it… or just missed venting and getting stuff out. I have always found that writing things down helps me figure it out.

So today was an average day. I had a breakfast that was alot more than I thought it was, and splurged on bits and bites when I got home (actually I binged on them and the rest are in the garbage). I used 5 flex but not much to worry about there.

At work I went to my third sign language class and I am really enjoying it. I am finding it hard but fun!

Well really that’s it. A boring work day with a little blip in the road. Tomorrow we are heading to the gym and it should be a good day!


  1. Welcome back...I've missed your postings!

  2. The important thing is to press the button - RESTART! That's what it is there for