Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year!

  Happy New Year! And welcome to 2010. My New Years eve was wonderful! I worked from 7 – 3 and picked up Jay and headed to Lynn’s for wine and cheese!


Here we have guiness, cheddar, swiss, harvarti and brie. And there was some sangria and wine as well. And a very tasty nacho dip.

There was also rock band… lots of rock band. I was the drummer this morning I was sore in my hands from drumming so much!

Then midnight started to get closer so we packed up rock band and  got out the champagne  and got some pictures of  us all!100_1858100_1863100_1865

Yay Happy New Year!!


Wo we hit the sack and I didn’t think I would feel that hung-over. And I woke up and I wasn’t, but my stomach is not great and I think its from too much cheese!

So tomorrow weather permitting I am heading to weigh in the scary number after Christmas! I’ll keep everyone posted!

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