Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book Review 2 – The Lost Symbol

Wow this weekend was very relaxing, its Sunday already but I am ok with that today. I Cooked  up another book review for everyone as I finished my book this week (Finally!)


This book is the third book written by Dan Brown with the protagonist Robert Langdon. It takes place in Washington DC. There are several other characters. One being a Noetic Scientist named Katharine, her brother Peter and a CIA agent Sato. The antagonist is a man named Mal'akh. Katharine and Peter are siblings who share a connection with Mal’akh which is not reviled until the very end of the book. Peter is a freemason, in fact the head freemason for his lodge.

The plot starts with Langdon going to give a lecture for one of Peter’s events, this quickly leads to Peters life being in danger and Langdon and Katharine fighting to save him. They are obstructed by Sato, and helped by some other characters. Mean while Mal’akh is attempting to find “The Word” which is the secret to unlocking the Ancient Mysteries that the Masons care for in secret. The story is filled with historical facts and real places just like the other Dan Brown Novels.

I would rate this book about a 3.5 out of 5. I was not impressed with the ending and the Moral of the story. I found it was against the other books. While I enjoyed learning more about the Freemasons I found the general story somewhat lacking. I finished the book with questions which I feel I shouldn’t have. I understood what the author was trying to say but felt that it was too vague to leave at the end of the story and almost anticlimactic.


So there you have it. Up next is The Host by Stephanie Meyer.

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  1. You're going to like the Host. I thought it was great!!