Monday, April 26, 2010

I’mmm Back… Did ya miss me?

Probably not. Any way I have been out for a while, life and such I guess, no real excuse for not blogging just haven't been feeling it really. And honestly I’m not really feeling it right now either I just feel I should. So to catch everyone up here is some pictures of our recent days;

SAM_0289Wow it was all food, that’s interesting, So as you can see I have eaten alot. My weigh in today was a STS. I am ok with that though, and next week hopefully I will do better.


SAM_0291In my thoughts  lately have been children, I cannot wait to have kids, I also cant wait to have a house. Dean starts work this week and I can only hope all goes well for him.


SAM_0297Also in my thoughts are my parents. My mom mostly she goes for her second heart test tomorrow and I am going with her.  I can’t tell what is more stressful her going for the test or the fact that I have to be with her for it while she can’t have any caffeine or cigarettes.

SAM_0300And last but not least is the fact that my back is killing me and I am really in a fowl mood and not sure why… oh these things called hormones and life!

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