Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Bye Good Life

Well that just sucks. Me and hubby go to Nubody's or Goodlife they are the same. I have been going quite regularly and enjoy their gyms. Through my job I get a corporate rate. Well that was with Nubodys anyway. Today I get a letter that says my membership will be ending on the 30th (of this month!) due to a conflict in what Goodlife wanted from my work. This totally sucks.. in the biggest way. We cannot afford 2 memberships with regular rates right now, and on top of that they don’t even really give me enough time to do it in.

Just when things are getting good for us something like this goes and screws up my routine. So the way I see it is I have 2 options.

1. I start running outside… not sure if this would happen, I hate my area to even walk in so I am forced to drive to a better area. Some may argue that I drive to the gym, but at the gym I have the ability to change out of workout clothes and I usually am either on my way home or going into the city for more than just working out.


2. I suck it up and get a membership for just me for the same price as it is currently for both of us. This is also unlikely because I really enjoy going to the gym with hubby and he enjoys going as well. Also I don’t think I would go as often knowing he was at home. The weekend gym trips would also stop because of the fact that he couldn’t go in.

So there is my dilemma for the day. I am very upset about this as it brings unneeded stress about money, routine, and this whole weight loss thing!


  1. Thanks so much for your input on the supplements! It was very helpful.
    I'm sorry this situation with the gym is stressing you out and I hope that you figure out something that works for you. I am intimidated by running outside but a lot of people love it so I want to start doing it more (although my injured legs might hate me for it). You could always try it out a few times and see how it goes.

  2. What a drag about the gym membership, although "taking it outside" is not that difficult. Get hubby to do with you. If you are in the Dartmouth area, I'd join you, too.

  3. I'm so sorry, this really really is unfortunate and honestly sucks. I would be so upset as well :(.

    Both myself and husband have gym membership but we don't go together, however I did try a video last winter (p90X) pricey (but you might be able to download) but we actually did this workout together for about 1month. I continued on, he got too busy but it was the only time we worked out together, perhaps another option for you?