Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ok so tonight hubby is at a school function which means I get the whole night to myself! But what am I doing… what I normally do, not sure if that is good or bad.  Anyway I just finished catching up on everyone and would love to let everyone know that Jamie is doing a giveaway! Check it out here;

I had a very successful day at work today and have pretty much everything off my to-do list! Too bad it’s almost time to start wrapping up the month.

I made pasta for mom and myself tonight, was very yummy. But other than that I am being lazy and not doing a whole lot. I did manage to talk myself into getting to the gym today (and into NOT going to Starbucks!).

I also registered for the RELAY for LIFE. I am participating again this year and am proud and excited so please support me if you or anyone you know have been affected by cancer!

Well that’s all folks, I am heading to watch something on TV… or maybe read, who knows!

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