Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Someone kick my a$$

Ok so I have totally been off track since Sunday. I did round out my week but after that the rest has been crap.

Monday wasn’t horrible but I did over eat, and yesterday… ha lets not even start. We went out for supper because we had an event to go to later that evening and since we live so far from the city we needed to stay in the city. Well instead of getting a salad or even a reduced calorie option the restaurant had I got Mac and cheese, yet full blown real live Mac an cheese…. It was really good going down but I knew once I got up from the table I over ate…. yea lets be honest we started with onion rings.

So I went home saying that is it tomorrow back on track… well that didn’t really happen and although it may be salvageable I had a Timmies Doughnut and haven't tracked a thing. So once I am done blogging I will be back tracking and trying to figure out my points. Then to make it worse the stress of my job has me so sleepy I did not want to go to the gym today… so I didn’t. I do feel like I am rambling a bit but in truth I am really upset with myself and this pattern I am always in. It goes something like this;

Good week, ok week, bad week, and repeat. This means that I am 2 steps forward and one step back… so distressing.

Ok now for some positive thinking good happy images…


My kitty always makes me smile…

So here’s the plan, go back and track all my eats since Monday, Go to the gym tomorrow, Friday and I am hitting up cape split with the halibloggers Saturday. That will be three workouts and I will probably do some wii fit or something on Sunday.

I am scared to go on the treadmill as I feel I have probably lost some stamina not being at the gym in a week… ugh back to negative thinking…

Some one just kick me…

Oh yea and check out Lynn’s blog for a super giveaway (but don’t enter so I can win, lol)!

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  1. You seem to be so worried about all of this, but trust me, you shouldn't be! You didn't do anything wrong, you are human and things like this always happen in the process of change. Once you get back on track with your exercise and all of the things that make you feel good, you will feel so much better. Just try to let go of guilt and worry and keep moving forward.