Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Personal Growth recap

Wow it’s been almost six weeks since I started my personal training. Time really does go by fast. I was looking back and I realized my pictures really suck of my before. I am going to try and get some good ones this week. I still have a ways to go!

In the six weeks I have had some good and bad times at the gym. I have developed a pretty good relationship with my trainer and he really is learning how to push me and how I work. I have done some things I would have never thought possible and have hurt in places I didn’t even know I had.

I have been on My Fitness Pal for a month now and have tracked most of what I was eating. I don’t always make good choices but even when I fail I track what goes in and I feel very motivated to get to the gym when I am in the RED.

However given all that, and I do recognize it as success. I feel ripped off some how. I have not lost any weight and I don’t see any change in my body. I know I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself, and I actually don’t. I am just frustrated that I am putting alot of time and work into this and not feeling much progress. And really that is a lie too because I am feeling better I am managing my emotions very well and my stress level is lower. for a while I had more energy, but that has laxed the past 2 weeks.

Over all I am doing well, I just feel that if I don’t see some progress in lost weight or looser clothes I will get upset and start giving up!

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