Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hormonal explosions!

Gah, what a day!

I went into work to finish up a few things and pass off some others. Truth is even though they haven’t filled my term yet they seem to have moved on without me… this was a little upsetting as I would like to think alot of what I do in my  job is special and difficult to do by anyone else. But alas it seems I will not be missed. The hardest to accept about that is that I consider the people at work friends, but I don’t see them outside work so I guess it isn’t the same.

When I got home I was sort of bummed out and wasn’t really into doing much. I just sort of lounged around and then completely broke into tears, I mean a full on sob fest. I have alot on my mind but I didn’t think I was that upset. So I blame alot of it on my hormones. This pregnancy seems to be going on forever and the hormones are definitely showing themselves in more than just my emotions. My skin is starting to break out again which was happened alot in the first trimester. I only hope that after baby it settles down.

I am starting to get excited about my baby shower and trying not to worry about how many people will be in my house. I plan on relaxing that morning and hopefully I will stay relaxed and enjoy my time. Dean  has told me not to worry about anything and that I can just sit and talk to people, so hopefully that will work.

So here is to a relaxing weekend and a great week!

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