Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Off for a year?

Wow a month ago I was complaining about waiting for everything, and while that still is the case for the most part, I am no longer waiting to go off work. This Monday my doctor finally signed the papers to put me off work. Now that being said she did it very reluctantly. I worked alone on my unit one day, and I thought I was going to die. I was weak and dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. I decided then and there that even if my doctor wouldn’t put me off I would be changing my date to start my maternity leave.

So now I am off with 5 weeks until my due date. I plan on relaxing after this week finishing up work stuff and getting my EI in order and all that stuff. I feel pretty good about it. Deans schedule has been far from similar to mine and I haven't seen much of him. So being off I plan on spending some quality time with him. I also plan to get some food made up for the weeks after baby is born. I can still drive and am grateful for that. I think I will probably be able to until I give birth. Not that I will be going to too many places.

My last baby shower is coming up this weekend. I am excited for it, but also have some worry. There will be alot of people there and alot of people I haven't seen since Moms funeral. I know that with each passing day I think about her more and more. I would love to know how she felt when she was as big as I am and what she experienced. I have very few pictures of her pregnant and almost all of them are of her in billowy dresses so really I don’t even know how big she got.

Overall I am feeling pretty good. A little anxious about when I will go into labour, what it will be like, how it will feel. But overall I am alot less worried about looking after a baby than I was. I think we are ready to be parents and I just overall cannot wait to meet this little baby squirming around inside me!

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