Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stretch marks!

Pregnancy comes with a whole slew of side effects. My diet has changed, my moods have changed and the body changes…

One of those body changes is stretch marks. I had stretch marks since I was probably about 10. I have them on my legs, arms, hips and breasts. I was a little embarrassed of them at times, but over all they never really bothered me. But now I have them on my stomach too! I was a little shocked when I first saw them, about 4 weeks ago. I had been doing really well with not getting any. Then they hit, all of a sudden. And today I looked in the mirror and there was more! I can’t see them unless I am in the mirror, which is a benefit I guess, but I am worried about what  they will look like after the baby. I know they will fade, but I do worry. Not that I wear bikini’s often or show off my abs (what abs, lol). But Dean sees them.

So while I am worried about it I will try to push it to the back of my mind and focus about the baby on the way! After the fact I will worry about them, although I use stretch mark cream apparently the baby just wants to stretch too much!!

Other than the stretch marks I am feeling pretty good. I had a Doctor’s appointment yesterday with no complications, I am very happy, but very much want to have this baby soon!

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