Monday, May 21, 2012

Wonders Weather Weekend

Whenever holidays and other “special” days come around I like to read what I was up to. Seems last Victoria Day weekend I was relaxing with Dean and going to the trainer and stuff. I was pretty content.

Needless to say I am pretty content right now. We had an amazing weekend, even if for Dean it was only 2 days. The weather was great and I got alot of things checked off the to-do list! Friday Dean was working at night so during the day we ran our errands to Costco and Sobeys. Got our bill and were only a few dollars over budget. That is great for us as we cut our budget by 50 dollars since I have been off work and only going over a tiny bit means we can manage with the cut back.

Like I said Dean actually had the weekend off, which for us doesn't happen very often. Saturday morning we cleaned up the house inside and spend the afternoon on the deck, had a great BBQ for supper with salad and spent the evening cuddled up on the couch watching a movie. Yesterday it seems I did what almost everyone else did, we spend time gardening. We had breakfast and  headed to Home Depot to pick up some soil, and a few more plants. I had bought bulbs at Costco a few weeks ago and needed to get them planted. So we planted them and I re-potted a few of my indoor plants. Then we tackled the back yard. By the time we got to the very back corner I was beat so we left it. We decided there is probably more we want to do with it and it isn’t worth the effort right now.

With the inside and the outside work done I had a little nap in the afternoon while Dean made a potato salad for supper with our hamburgers! Then I spent some time on the back deck in the sun. We both may have been a bit sun burnt but its not too bad. Again after supper our evening was spent curled up on the couch.

The only thing missing from my weekend is the fact that the ice-cream stand I can see from my house is now open and I desperately want a ice cream cone… but Dean says we don’t need it so I am trying to hold out. I can only hope alot more of “our” weekends are like this one was. And by that I mean when Dean has his days off, which as mentioned is almost never Saturday and Sunday.

In baby news we are still waiting for the little one. I am pretty sore today from the work I did yesterday and I feel like a house, but hopefully in 2 weeks or less our little bundle will show up! I hope everyone had a great Victoria Day weekend!

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