Saturday, May 12, 2012

Still waiting.

Wow 37 weeks pregnant. I am ready for this baby to introduce itself to the world!

Lynn hosted a great baby shower for me. It was a little overwhelming having that many people in the house, but it was great and with everything we got we are done with the big baby things we need. Now we are just waiting for the things that come up that we don’t even know about.


I cannot wait to meet the little one and wrap them in the blankets and dress them in the clothes I have! So again a big thanks to Lynn for the amazing shower!!

After the shower we took Lynn and Jay out to supper, but we stopped at Shubie Park for some pictures since Lynn has a great camera and ours is just a typical point and shoot. So another big thanks to Lynn!


Sleeping has got to be the most difficult thing when you are this far along. I can fall asleep but between waking up for the bathroom and waking up with my  hips in pain I don’t manage a long stretch at a time. Also I am not comfortable no matter what position I am in for very long, my butt hurts if I sit too long my back if I lean, my legs if I curl them up. While I really haven't minded being pregnant (except for the nausea) these last few weeks are the worst. I can’t bend over forward very far and Dean is often chuckling at me as I try to move around the couch or the bed.

I also wasn’t sure if being off work was going to be a benefit or a curse but I think it’s been a good thing. My mind has gotten to the point where I am ready for this baby and not worried about the woulds and coulds, it will be what it will be and we will be great parents no matter if we make some mistakes along the way!

So to Baby A; come out soon and meet the world!

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