Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Name’s Holly, I know First Aid

That was my day today. A 6 hour first aid/CPR recertification… icky and boring.

I had my doctors appointment yesterday and everything is fine, my iron and B12 are in “adequate” ranges, which means I need to keep taking what I am taking, but don’t have to increase anything. Other than that yesterday I didn’t do to much except make supper.


Stir – Fry! It also seems to me last time I cooked it was stir-fry.

It was really good though and I had leftovers. I also tried rice noodles for the first time, and they were really good to.


Super good filling supper! the we relaxed with my kitty!


We went to bed early and then were up for today. After work I went to the gym and totally kicked ass! I ran for 2.5 Km and 7 minuets in a row! That is huge for me. I also think I found a good amount of time to recover; 2 minuets (at least for now). I also burned 333 calories, says my Polar

Supper tonight was comfort food! Pasta a salad – one of my favourites!



Now I will be relaxing and catching up on blogs and such! Hope everyone had a good hump day!


  1. YAY for you and the running! I have NEVER been a good runner, I envy ppl who can just take it on!

    The stirfry looks great. Pasta is my comfort food, too. When I'm all stressed out, that's the first thing I crave! Thankfully ww pasta tastes the same as white pasta to me, so I can at least be semi-healthy about it!

  2. Ugh, First Aid. I took the course back in January and it was tough to sit through the whole day.

    Your stirfry looks so good. Between you and Jaime, I will be making some type of stir fry/pad thai dish soon. yum!

    Awesome run too! :)

  3. Good job with running! I'm also trying to ease into it, I usually recover for 3 or 4 minutes. But I'm learning to love it and you really do improve if you keep at it.

    And thanks for the advice about veggies and eggs...we don't have anyone selling eggs on the street in Toronto, but I did pick up some organic free range ones today.

    Have a good night!