Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunny, sick, Saturday

Morning peeps, it’s Saturday again! I am so glad even though I woke up with a sore throat and when I went to eat my breakfast I could only eat about half of it before I felt sick and full. There is a major head cold going around work and I am praying I am not getting it!

So Thursday and Friday were pretty good. Thursday was relaxing after work, and here is what supper looked like;


Chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans wrapped in sliced ham. Yummy, and Dean always make it look so good  on the plate!

Last night may have been celebratory! Dean was in a food competition yesterday and felt very proud of himself at the end of it and we may have had a little wine; SAM_0190I had never tried this before and it was very good. And it was on sale, I may buy this one again.  The good thing was, I did track everything so far this week, I am very proud of that!

This morning we woke up a little later than our usual 7:00. But as soon as I was up I got the slow cooker out and have Chilli in there cooking away! I think I may even try the recipe thing this time!

The rest of the weekend will be spend doing something like this I think;


That’s right lounging, and maybe some Wii yoga too. 

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  1. Mmmmmmmmm that dinner looks so yummy! (and plated very well!!)