Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Timbits are Evil!

Good Evening everyone, All I have to say is timbits are evil, and so are the people who “share” them.

Unfortunately I have a few people at work who bring in goodies but never eat them themselves and offer food all the time. This annoys me to no end especially since these people are aware that I am trying to lose weight!

Oh well in the end I should just fess up and admit that it’s my own self control as well. So my day was busy and stressful. Lost another resident today. Some times there are parts of my job I don’t like.

We did go to the gym though, and I burned about the same as yesterday. I am really enjoying my heart rate monitor. I am very glad I bought it.

Supper tonight is pasta since me and Dean both forgot to take something out of the freezer. Here is what Dean came up with;


I always have Caesar Salad with my pasta but it’s made with spinach and light dressing, It adds up to about 2 – 3 points depending on the amount of dressing I use. And yes those are my vitamins in the background, Iron, B-12, a Multi-Vit and there is Vit – D in there too.

The rest of the night will be spent relaxing and watching Dean play his new video game he bought today. Ok I am kind of excited to see it too. (That's the nerd in me!)

Tomorrow is Hump Day and I am so excited. Totally counting down till vacation!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your resident. *hugs*

    FYI: The people who made the Tim Bits didn't wash their hands. ewwwwwwww! Think of that the next time you go for one. ;) hehe

    HRM was one of the best purchases that I ever made, glad that you're enjoying it.