Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Wow this week is totally flying by!

First off I’ll get some house keeping out of the way;

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Wow there sure are alot of giveaways going on!

So I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday it was too nice here!! It was a wonderful day. The morning was spent relaxing while Dean practiced for a competition he is going to next week.


While he did that I enjoyed some spring water, what makes it spring… Lemon!


Then it was time for lunch… yummy apps and entree’s

 SAM_0105 SAM_0110






So after lunch since it was sooo nice out we hit up the trail again for a run! I don’t know what it is about running but I find it very hard. Dean is trying to be so supportive but really I feel like a big idiot because I am there running my a$$ off and he is literally walking beside me!

Last night we just relaxed really.

This morning we painted a few of the ceilings in the house to earn some extra cash and Mom took us out for dinner. I am sore and completely worn out but it was worth it.

Tomorrow we head out to Halifax for a few nights! Can’t wait for the good food and the pool!

Hope everyone had a good hump day!

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  1. Good job getting out there and running. Try not to compare yourself to Dean, he's got looooong legs.

    Have fun on your "Staycay" :)