Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stress Relief

Well I told ya I would let you know what helped me think and deal with the stress. If anyone remembers this post a while back I showed a picture of where my cross-stitching was at. Well I hadn’t been at it for a while and last week picked it up again and look at the mostly finished product;


All that is left is to buy a frame and frame it when Christmas time rolls around. Not sure who it will go to but definitely a good gift to start on.

And when I finished it the other night I dug out this cute one… shouldn't take more than a few hours but still…


I will definitely be starting this tonight because I have had one hell of a stressful day at work and although I had some portioned bits and bites that I didn’t need this afternoon I know if I don’t stay busy I will eat and eat and eat. I wish I knew how to not stress eat!!

Well that is all for now, I’m off to fix up supper since hubby is napping (which means he’s sick he just won’t admit it yet)


  1. I haven't cross stitched in years. At Christmas time I was cleaning and found all my thread and soooo many unfinished pieces. I figure I will do them eventually when I'm on Mat leave. LOL

  2. What a beautiful piece. I should haul out my cross stiching (or knitting, or something). Since you can't eat and keep your work clean, it is a good deterrent to evening snacking.

    Lynn - cross stitching on mat leave... yeah... right... Hope you have babes that are less high maintenance than mine were!

  3. I used to cross stitch too, but would need a magnifying glass to do it now *LOL*