Monday, March 15, 2010


Wow what an amazing day it was here in NS, and from what I hear the whole week is going to be like today!

So we went to our bank appointment and got everything straightened away there. Then we headed into the city for my meeting. My WI was less than desired but that is ok. I was up and I assumed I would be. But I am making healthy choices and exercising MOST of the time. My huge problem is that when I fall off and don’t eat well it’s normally really bad. I am hoping with the nicer weather and some better organization I will do better. I plan to organize the meals for a week or so and find some recipes for weekend cooking so I have healthy lunches and stuff.

After my meeting we headed to the mall and then down to the water front. It was pretty windy but sunny and we walked along hand in hand. Haha I took a few pictures, but not anything interesting;



We then went to supper which was pretty yummy, and as always I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. And now I am just relaxing. Going to let Dean have the TV tonight and cross-stich I think.

Here’s what I just finished;


I plan on giving this to Mom as a mothers day gift, probably making it a magnet. She loves cute little things like that. And this is what I am starting;


This I think will be a Christmas gift for my Aunt. Not sure yet though we will see.

Well that is about it. Tomorrow is a day of relaxation, probably some laundry but that is about it. Hope everyone had a good Monday!

PS: Jamie over at Embracing Balance is having an awesome giveaway so go check it out. 

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