Thursday, January 22, 2009

for yesterday...

so yesterday i didn't get a chance to blog, completely not in the mood/stressed and was talking with dean most of the evening. So Yesterday we got up and had some breakfast, i had a English muffin with PB and an apple. Then we cleaned up a bit but i was in a completely rotten mood. So instead of finishing cleaning, and doing the laundry dean got me to go out and we went to the mall and has some yummy lunch from Tim Horton's, which wasn't that bad for points (7). Then we headed back home and i was in a better mood, we didn't really do anything cleaning wise, and around 3 we headed out to mom's for supper. After some yummy turkey breast and roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, we came back home and i was in a completely fowl mood. I wanted to go out and do something but didn't know what and didn't really want to. I was just cranky, so me and Dean had a big talk about what's wrong with me and all that stuff and while i don't really know how useful it was i do feel better today.

So this morning I will be finishing up the cleaning and using my crock pot for supper and maybe going to the gym. I should go but i don't know if i am up for it, i am still very sleepy and kinda stiff. We shall see!

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  1. supper was really good hunny, and i made a really good salad with the left overs. Love you lot's!!!!!