Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Pot Luck

OK so yesterday i didn't get a chance to blog, i was super sleepy. So I totally didn't even count yesterday as a day of ww. I was exhausted and craving junk so for my first break at work i got a super breakfast - hash browns bacon egg and toast, yea bad. Then i didn't have any water, only pop, and we had our potluck. Well that was bad to the bone, there were ribs and rice and pasta and more rice, then dessert - sex in a pan, apple coffee cake, squares and the works, so i went a little over, then for supper, which was later and i didn't eat allot, was chicken fingers and the leftovers from new years eve, which was all breaded, now i did bake it all but still.

So today is a new day back on track. I was down 2lbs! so that was good, and i am going to the gym, and am going to eat healthy! gonna make a chicken stir-fry tonight for supper and hopefully have left overs for tomorrow,
Also Dean and I made up a chore chart last night so i can feel more productive on my days off and we organized that as well as my week, I was lacking organization and felt like i was being to lazy with this laid out now i will be good. So today i am off to do laundry and dust/clean the bedroom! Hope everyone has a good day!

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  1. congrats on the lose! i had a crap day on Sunday too, the key is to stay accountable!